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Altranz celebrating 45 years in transport

Altranz is celebrating 45 years in the transport industry this year! Commemorating the massive milestone, we've had a special “Roadhouse blues” lorry commissioned. 

Back in February we sent Reuben Over to the Kenworth factory in Melbourne to see his new truck roll off the production line. Then with the Covid-19 lockdown, we've had to wait until July to pick it up and get it dirty!

Kevin Lochore (Angus’ dad) started out in 1975 as a small civil contracting operator, building up a fleet of civil machinery including tippers, and his first truck, a Butterbox International.

While developing his business over the next couple of decades, Kevin’s son Angus was following his own dreams, building up his trucking business, starting out with his first truck – an Isuzu 240.

Chance came knocking when the pair saw an opportunity to collaborate and fill a gap in the market for meat transport. As Angus puts it, “I had the trucks and Dad had the work.”

Growing the business alongside growth and innovation in the meat industry, Angus and Kevin merged their businesses in 1995, growing to a fleet of 60 trucks at their largest.

With Kevin stepping back to semi-retirement in 2008, and the GFC having an impact, Angus decided to pivot the business and exit the meat industry while focusing on supporting key customers to grow.

He’s since built up Altranz to be the transport and logistics company it is today, with a fleet of 25 tucks delivering nation-wide and offering awesome customer care.

In recent years sons Sam and Matt have joined their Dad in the business as the third generation, learning the ropes and working across driving, mechanic and dispatch roles, getting ready to take the family business forward for the next 45 years.